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Tritronic Transmitter Holster

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CK-9 Jump Bag

Capewell knows a thing or two about parachuting, and our CK9 Parachute Jump Bag is no exception. Our goal was to create the most efficient & ergonomically correct K9 jump bag, paying special attention to both safety and comfort for both the handler and MWD. With countless jumps and safety tests, this bag has proven to stand up to the test and carry on our 70 plus years of providing the parachuting community with exceptional goods. Bag is certified air-worthy.  Sizes: •Available in Large and Medium     Colors: •Black, Coyote or Multi-Cam  Features: •Padded 1,000 denier Cordura body construction with drainage ports •Quick Ejector Side release SS hardware with tactical toggles •Muzzle safety tether •Fully adjustable chest straps to balance load •Certified Air Worthy

CK-9 Sentinel Tactical Harness

The “Sentinel” tactical harness is the ultimate, lightweight tracking harness. Streamlined for efficient movement, this harness features a removable padded chest plate and ergonomic neck strap for the strongest pullers. A sturdy mil-spec v-ring and tactical handle provide reliable control and protection for your K9. The addition of two rows of MOLLE, along with “loop” strips provide ample space for badging and accessories.  Colors: •Avail: Black, Coyote, and Multi-cam  Features: •Padded 1000 Denier Cordura™ body for extra strength and comfort •Ergonomically angled neck strap to prevent choking •2 rows of MOLLE for attachments •Removable padded chest plate for increased protection while tracking •Polymer Cobra™ buckle •Beacon holder with security strap •Tactical polymer slim-line handle •Mil-Spec hardware and nylon straps

CK-9 Tactical Vest Operator

The pinnacle of tactical readiness, the “Operator” is comprised of the most advanced construction, hardware, and materials available on the market today for any K9 operation. The Mil-Spec body material is comprised of an advanced coated polymer that is flame retardant, lightweight, with unparalleled tensile strength. Every effort has been taken to allow the operator to be modified in the field, including replaceable hardware and interchangeable top and bottom platforms. Coupled with our patent pending quick connect camera mount, this vest is a one of a kind.  Colors: •Available in Black or Coyote  Size: •Top platform is universal and can be interchanged with Small, Medium, or Large bottoms for maximum versatility  Features: •Unique “skeletonized” construction provides ample room for unencumbered movement while allowing maximum breathability and air flow •Trelleborg™ material won’t rip, pull, or stretch and can be modified in the field without worrying about loose stitches or binding tape •Neoprene wrapped leg harnesses, expansion panels, & deluxe backpack straps included •Padded, floating chest plate •Padded shoulder straps and expansion panels included •Comes standard with AustriAlpin Cobra™ Buckles •(2) tactical TPR molded handles for easy lifting, even when wearing gloves •Vest will not hold moisture, thus eliminating drip trails and bad odor •Includes vertical luggage handle for one-handed lifts

CK-9 Tactical Vest Recon

The “Recon” features the same body construction as the “Operator” yet integrating durable Cordura™ and hex mesh for a streamlined and light weight fit. The Recon utilizes Mil-Spec tension shackles for secure and slip-free adjustments. The load-bearing backpack connectors have been eliminated, revealing a more open upper register to fit a multitude of surveillance equipment. The Recon shares the same platform as our “Operator” series and is camera ready using our patent pending quick connect camera mount.  Colors: •Available in Black or Coyote  Size: •Top platform is universal and can be interchanged with Small, Medium, or Large bottoms for maximum versatility  Features: •Unique “skeletonized” construction provides ample room for unencumbered movement while allowing maximum breathability and air flow •Uses a mix of Cordura, Trelleborg™, Hex Mesh and 4-way stretch materials for the ultimate in durability and comfort •Trelleborg™ material won’t rip, pull, or stretch and can be modified in the field without worrying about loose stitches or binding tape •Padded leg harnesses and expansion panels included •Trelleborg™ padded chest plate •Comes standard with Mil-Spec tension shackles

CK-9 Blitz Breakaway Muzzle

The “Blitz” features an exclusive floating metal gate under the chin, allowing the operator to pull a handle near the dog’s forehead and away from their mouth to break the muzzle apart, allowing for offensive maneuvers. Conceived by Special Forces MSG Butler with 1,000’s of K9 deployments, this muzzle is uniquely purpose built.  Colors: •Available in Black or Dark Brown  Size: •Sized to fit most Malinois and German Shepherds under 80lbs.  Features: •Hand constructed from the finest domestic hides, providing soft and durable leather that holds it’s shape over time •Ergonomic retractable gate provides a clean break away, yet secure enough to not allow false or involuntary deployments •Stainless steel hardware

CK-9 Agitation Leash 3ft & 5ft

Our Leashes are made from premium domestic hides, with one of the softest, yet most durable finishes available on a veg-tanned product. ¾” wide and flat braided at the base of the handle as well as the bottom eliminating the need for stitches. Available in 36” and 60” lengths. Simple in it’s construction, powerful in it’s performance.  Colors: •Available in Black or Dark Brown  Size: •36” & 60” lengths available  Features: •Soft, Supple USA leather hides used for their durability and longevity •Flat braided to eliminate stitching •Solid brass hardware, including 1” O-ring at handle •Made in the USA

CK-9 Leather Tracking Harness

Seek and ye shall find in our premium quality leather tracking harnesses. Made from the finest domestic leather, our harnesses are made in the same tradition as our firearms, which is purpose built, and an eye for detail and reliability. Built from a classic design, our artisans focus on every stitch, each rivet on the handle, and our fast connect coverlets to ensure the best performance for the handler and their K9. If you’re seeking quality, you’ve found it!  Features: •Premium domestic leather, offering the finest in quality and durability •Solid brass hardware throughout (nothing plated) •Integrated control handleAdvanced polymer padded chest plate offers additional cushion, yet won’t “fuzz”or collect debris over time •Includes leather coverlets over hardware, eliminating  pressure/rub points against dog’s coat •Made in the USA

CK-9 Tactical Quick Ejector Lanyard

Placed on the handlers non-firing or heeling side, allows for efficient positive ejection under load, thus allowing K9 to pursue it’s target. The 18” retractable bungee reduces risk of tangle or snag hazards, yet keeps ejection point well away from K9’s head. Integrated control handle on Mil-Spec tubular nylon allows control of K9, even with a gloved hand.  Colors: •Available in Black or Coyote  Size: •18” retractable bungee / tubular nylon lead with integrated control handle. Extends to 25” under tension  Features: •Fits securely on all combat belts with non-slip Trelleborg™ lining •Comes standard with black snap-hook, but the open girth hitch end allows handler to change out hardware or go loop to loop to eliminate all noise and potential rattle •Tactile beads make ejection lever easy to locate without taking your eyes off intended target •Mil-Spec Stainless Steel hardware •Durable Dual Ply Mil-Spec tubular nylon with high test bungee sewn inside •Made in the USA

CK-9 Tactical Swivel Bungee Lanyard

This 36 inch tactical bungee leash is perfect for keeping your K9 close to your side, while eliminating tangles and twists in the most chaotic of scenarios. Featuring an Italian engineered Kong Frog™ Quick Connector; connecting or deploying from a d-ring is quick and efficient. Tubular nylon construction allows it to easily stow in pocket. The leash retracts to a compact 25 inches while not under load and easily stores in a cargo pocket.   Colors: •Available in Coyote or Black  Size: •25 inch leash extends to 36 inch under load  Features: •TPR all-season handle for maximum comfort and security •Mil-Spec tubular nylon with high tensile elastic bungee •Heavy duty square swivel to eliminate rotational tangles •Kong Frog™ Quick Connector •Made in the USA

CK-9 Tracking Line 20ft

Our 20 foot tracking leash is made from Mil-Spec tubular nylon for maximum strength and durability. The terminating end is comprised of a contrast nylon handle that includes a segment of rope providing both a visual and tactile warning that you are reaching the end of your line…literally.  Colors: •Available in Coyote or Black  Size: •20 foot Mil-Spec tubular nylon  Features: •Contrast handle with integrated rope body for visual and tactile warning •Tri-Fold end stop at end of leash •Anodized black swivel snap hook •Made in the USA

CK-9 Leather Agitation Collar

Our premium, hand-crafted agitation collars are 1.25 inches wide and made from domestic leather with only the finest process used during the tanning phase. The result is one of the strongest, yet most pliable pieces of equipment that your K9 will consistently wear.  Colors: •Available in Black or Dark Brown  Size: •Available in 20 inch, 24 inch and 28 inch lengths (measured from center pin to last hole)  Features: •1.25 inches wide premium, veg-tanned leather •Solid brass Hardware, no plating •Holes are spaced 1” apart

CK-9 Tactical Quick Connect e-Collar Mount

CK9 introduces the first Mil-Spec tactical e-collar mounting system. Comprised of a Trelleborg™ backing material and Mil-Spec elastic nylon, getting your e-collars on and off in a hurry is child’s play. Ergonomically designed to allow you to charge your receiver without ever having to take it off the mount.  Colors: •Available in Coyote or Black  Size: •Medium & Large Sizes available (Medium fits most Malinois, Large for Shepherds)  Features: •Constructed of Mil-Spec nylon and exclusive Trelleborg™ materials •Fast, side-release hardware allows for easy on/off, even with gloved hands •Tailored to fit most receivers including, TriTronics, Dogtra, and SportDog •Made in the USA

CK-9 Odor Sticks

Pipes are made from heavy duty 1 inch PVC with a randomized hole pattern for optimum odor propagation. Simply slide the odor stick into the heavy duty 1,000 denier Cordura™ sleeve with removable rare Earth Magnets and hide the stick on any metal surface.  Colors: •Available in Black, Coyote, or OD Green  Size: •1 inch x 12 inch pipe with slip on caps and randomized hole pattern  Features: •Sleeve is made from durable 1,000 denier Cordura •Removable rare Earth Magnets allows for hides under cars, lockers, doors, etc. •Sleeve help protects pipe and holds odor plume •Sold in sets of (4) •Durable hook and loop closure •Made in the USA


The CK9 PFD (Personal Flotation Device) provides positive buoyancy for your canine in a secure, sure-fitting vest. The vest is ergonomically designed to work in conjunction with your tactical vest, or as a stand alone unit. Our unique design provides complete range of motion with strategically placed closed cell foam to keep your dog centered and in control of their movement.  Colors: •Available in Coyote, Black, and Multi-Cam  Size: •Available in Medium and Large  Features: •1000 Denier Mil Spec Cordura •4 rows of MOLLE on each side, including the chest plate for ample use of accessories •Secure 2” Fast Tek Buckles with hook/loop closure for quick on/off application •Floating handle for ultimate control •4-Way stretch Spandura to provide a secure & comfortable fit •Made in the USA


The OTB (Over the Beach) Amphibious K9 Assault Pack is the ultimate in maritime flotation for K9 and handlers. This highly customized ruck has a hinged deck, allowing it to open and expand for a full-sized working dog to deploy over the water in a stable, quiet environment, thus conserving energy and remaining silent. The OTB has fin pockets, armor plate carrier, & ample dry storage thanks to two Watershed(tm) assault bags with inflation stems. Ruck can double as a stable shooting platform as well for any maritime operation.   Features:  •Fully Custom Trelleborg Body Construction for ultimate durability •Polymer ruck frame with lumbar support and fully adjustable shoulder straps •(2) removable Watershed assault packs w/ inflation stem(s) •Fin pockets with drainage ports •Body armor carrier envelope to reduce weight to handler •Integrated Cache Cover •2” Foam Core Construction for maximum buoyancy

Future CK-9 Product

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Future CK-9 Product

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